Biological DATA Analyzers' Association ( BdataA )

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Between computational biology and molecular biology and the modern omics, the significance of data access, mining and analysis is often undermined. There is a need to address this situation with constant interactions among scientists with various expertise such as computational biology, molecular biology, agricultrural science, microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, health sciences and pharmacology. Hence, BdataA has been initiated as a virtual interaction platform with a goal to enhance the quality of science and technology associated with biological data mining and analysis with specific biological objectives.


a) To establish informal contacts with like-minded scientists, create a catalog, and seek / facilitate collaborations; to engage in collaborative research and/or help individuals to find the right collaborators.

b) To utilize the expertise across scientists in the network to organize training programs - direct or online, depending on the needs of researchers in the group - particularly in the areas of data access, storage, and systematic mining and analysis.

c) To publish useful articles, books and/or scientific journals related to science and technology, particularly 'data management in life sciences'.

d) To motivate youngsters by providing career guidance and tips for higher studies in life sciences. To create new biological databases and software.

e) To develop and maintain a public Guide for Data Mining & Analysis in Biology (startbioinfo) by involving personal time and efforts, and personal funding where needed. To collect, compile and compare the biological information, databases and software and methods in bioinformatics at the startbioinfo portal.

f) To constantly look for new opportunities, & contribute, to generate/compile high quality scientific data, and/or productively manage such data related to the 'science of life'.

g) At a later stage, to register as a formal society with aim to grow into a non-profitable self-sufficient society and make enhanced efforts in the above-mentioned areas.

Interested in joining BdataA? Interested scientists/researchers are requested to write to Prof. Kshitish Acharya at juneindia at gmail [dot] com specifying their capacities and potential contributions to the objectives. Please see below for eligibility, and the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions:

Anyone joining the network must do so only if he/she agrees to the terms listed here.

Dr. Kshitish K Acharya, the initiator of this network, intends to propel the network and expand it with a good will and trust among the rest of professionals and young science graduates. But no one in the network can take any responsibility for anyone's action in anyway.

Each member is expected to work with other network members, take individual actions, and/or even form temporary groups and work in such groups, to promote the objectives stated.

The objectives to be addressed in the name of this network are not very rigid, but cannot ever be extended beyond the perimeters of education, information sharing, and research - related to data generation, collection, mining, management and analysis, and publication related to science and technology. When an action is initiated in the name of the network, written permission must be taken from the coordinator of the network - currently Dr. Kshitish K Acharya, Faculty Scientist, IBAB, Bengaluru (

No personal data of any individual or a group of individuals need to be shared with any other individual in the network. To this restriction on sharing information and data, exception(s) can be willful sharing, by the network members only. There is likely to be a core team of network formed who need to share with each other their personal name, a government-issued proof of identity, address, affiliation, contact phone and email ids, and resume.

The initiator or the founder of this network, Dr. Kshitish K Acharya, takes no responsibility for any action taken by the other network members in any context. Each member or a sub-group initiating specific activities/events, shall be responsible all outcomes of such activities/events.

Currently a virtual association, but we may register formally as an organization in due course.

Eligibility: He/she must have PhD degree or in the process of doctoral work, from a recognized university. Exceptional students of bachelors and masters program, and those who have enough experience in mining and analysis of biological data may also be considered. We always welcome new members with genuine interest in promoting the efforts towards improving the overall process of biological data mining and analysis. We also welcome other organizations to join hands with us. In fact, all of the initial network members are from a commercial organization, Shodhaka Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. - a company which has a strong philanthropic perspective from the beginning, and supported the members' involvement in activities such as the development of the portal for guiding biologists ( We thank the company for encouraging its employees and BdataA in improving this portal, with zero commercial expectation in return.

Other notes: Every member shall engage in the scientific endeavors as listed in the objectives, but no one shall seek any profit generation in the name of this network.

The initial members in the BdataA are Dr. Acharya KK, Mr. Bajpai A, Ms. Davuluri S, Mr. Balagannavar B, Ms. Oguru S, Ms. Basavaraj K, Ms. Raksha N, Dr. Hussain A, and Dr. Chitturi N.

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